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Historic Photos Part 2

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(1) An illustration of Marblehead in 1839. (2) Abbot Hall from Rockaway in 1920.
(3) A photo of the Adams House in the 1940s.

(1) An old bicycle license plate from the 50s. (2) Eastern Yacht Club in 1906, and (3) in 1917.

(1) The Fort Sewall Cafe. (2) The Gardner House on Gregory Street in the '20s.
(3) A 1910 view of the harbor activity.

(1) Historic Society card of the Lee Mansion dining room. (2) The Lighthouse in 1911.
(3) Agnes Surriage Well in 1912.

(1) The neck in 1910. (2) An old Police Department patch. (3) USS Marblehead in Hawaii in 1925.

(1) A Spirit Of '76 postcard. (2) An ocean view of the Adams House at its height.
(3) A 1930s aerial of Little Harbor and Fort Sewall.

(1) A harbor aerial in the 1940s. (2) A nice Alley Steps. (3) Captain Francis Boardman
in Civil War uniform. (4) Castle Rock.

(1) Starling Burgess preparing for take-off c. 1912.

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