January 1997

Selectmen announce rebid process for Tucker's Wharf wall is complete. Award goes to same bidder as last time, but now for less. The wall is scheduled to be completed by June 30th. The successful bidder is North Shore Marine of Salem, Massachusttes.

Tucker's Wharf. This is the area where the new wall will be built.

Marblehead Reporter uncovers an illegal dumping ground next to conservation land. US Flags tossed over an embankment, mixed in with long-accumulating trash and garden waste has caused a small furor by people who protect conservation land and open space in Marblehead. The front page article by George Derringer and the color photo by Dennis Curtin of the American flags thoughlessly heaped in the piles of trash accentuated this graphic example of why Marblehead needs to be ever-vigilant concerning our conservation areas. Cleanups were underway by the time the article reached subscribers.

Marblehead High School presents Stephen Sondheim's musical comedy, "Merrily We Roll Along," begining Friday night, January 31 at 8 P.M. Also, 2/1 and 2/2 at 8 P.M. All performances will be held at the Nelson Aldrich Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $7 and $10. For further information call 617 639-3121.

Marblehead's Retirement Board is expanding its role due to new state laws. The Board consists of Bart Snow, Town Finance Director, elected members Jean Ross and Mathew Antoniello, Jr., Board of Selectmen appointee, James Hourihan, and a fourth member selected by the Board, Rosemary Collins. The Board will have to develop and present an Early Intervention Plac (EIP) which must be filed with the Division of Public Employee Retirment Adminstration (PERA) no later than Narch 15, 1997. The intention of this new legistlation is to eliminate or greatly limit the amount of invalid injury retirements. Everyone involved has stated that there is little or none of that in Marblehead and while the new laws may help solve the problem at the state level, here in Marblehead it potentially could be expensive and is probably unnecessary. Nonetheless compliance procedures are underway.

Charles Gessner, Vice Chairman Finance Committee

FinCom says the School Budget will have to be cut from what the Superintendent is recomminding. As reported in the Salem Evening News, Charles Gessner stated, "The superintendent's budget cannot be funded from available revenues, and we are asking the School Committee to take a hard look at it and reduce it. Right now this budget would require a general override." Negotiations continue on all Town budgets until the Finance Committee's Public Hearing on Warrant Articles for the May 5, 1997 Annual Town Meeting.

A minor blackout at the start of Superbowl caused consternation at parties all over Town.
While everyone was just settling in to the first few minutes of play, power to the Town of Marblehead was interrupted briefly (about fifteen seconds) and houses full of football enthusiasts fell into unexplained darkness and silence. When power was restored, apparently the festivities continued as though nothing had happened.

There is a move afoot by some individuals to restore the High School library by improving the ambience: painting, new bookshelves, new carpeting and ceiling tiles. Cheryl Kerns, head of the Parents' Council is coordinating the process with school officials. Anyone interested in assisting this effort should call the School Adminstration at 617 639-3140.

New area codes coming to Marblehead: 781-631-0008?
Years ago in the first attempt to change Marblehead's area from 617 to 508, Selectmen were able to persuade the State to leave us alone. Unfortunately they (the State) are at it again. Between all of the address changes because of State requirements on E911 conversions, and now new phone numbers, it's getting to be quite confusing.

James Hourihan former Finance Committee Chairman and Selectman is named by the current Board of Selectmen to the Retirement Board.

FinCom member Charles Gessner floats an idea to raise money through the naming of the new Marblehead Community Center and the rooms and facilities within. The building could be named after a $1 million donor, he suggests. Donations of as little as $500 would be listed on a plaque in the completed structure.

Superintendent Phil Devaux has treasured tickets to the Super Bowl. But one wonders, after the Thanksgiving Marblehead-Swampscott game, will anything compare?

The cellular tower plans, which seemed to have gone away are back again off Lincoln Avenue. Apparently Sprint is going ahead with its plans and an application has been made to the Planning Board and to the Zoning Board. Neighbors continue to oppose the new construction. However, it seems that cellular service in Marblehead may be dependent on the new tower. We'll keep you posted. This issue is scheduled to be discussed at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting Tuesday, January 28th at 8:45 P.M.

The Abbot Public Library is considering buying the adjacent Guides Florists property (25,000 square feet). F. Richard Bowen, Chairman of The Library Trustees stated that the Board is exploring the procedures and investigating possibilities.

Star Market is reportedly (Salem Evening News) interested in the General Glover House site for its Vinnin Square operations. While no one will confirm, on the record, that this deal is pending, rumors persist. The Salem News published an article indicated the possibility, even though in the same article they quoted "a woman at the corporate offices of Athanas family," who own the General Glover, as saying that the rumors are "categorically untrue."

The General Glover House at the corner of Tedesco Street and Old Salem Old.

Selectmen's Term Committee, headed by Planning Board Chairman Nick Fader, recommends no change in Marblehead's unique one-year term. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," was stated by several Selectmen and committee members.

The Board Of Selectmen, faining a request for information, asked Paul Lausier, Town Counsel for 38 years to appear before them Wednesday night. In truth, the Board had prepared a 70th Birthday Cake and a series of plaques and proclamations commending Mr. Lausier for his outstanding service.

Paul Lausier, Marblehead Town Counsel since 1959.

Glover's Regiment plans a memorial procession for January 30th. In honor of his life and death, his namesake reenactment regiment will march from the Old Town House to Old Burial Hill and site of General Glover's Tomb beginning at 7 P.M. Musket Volleys and brief historic testimonies will be the agenda for this time-honored tradition on what is generally "the coldest night of the year," according to Regiment Commander, Major Jack Woods, as reported in the Daily Evening Item.

Marblehead Police will offer a physical defense course for women beginning Saturday, January 25 from 8:30 A.M. to 10 A.M. The eight-week course will be held at Wilson & Silsby Sailmakers, Inc. at 12 Atlantic Avenue. The cost is $20. Sign up at the Police Station. For more information call (617) 631-2266.


The final phase of the reconstruction of the former Penni's Market, now Crosby's market is nearing completion at the intersection of Washington & Pleasant Streets. -- JH Photo

The Arrangers, a group of Marblehead garden enthusiasts, plan to upgrade and beautify Abbot Hall grounds. "That's what we do," stated Rebecca Robinson, President, "we make places more beautiful." Watering during the summer is their only reservation.

Marblehead Savings Bank donates a new electronic scoreboard for Hopkins Field. The approximate $7200 donation for the new board was accepted by School Committee Chairman Jody Magee as a "Very generous gift."

Superintendent Phil Devaux explains increase in school budget request:
$900,000 for contractual increases
plus the restoration of Curriculum Directors for Language Arts and Math/Science
plus special education programs to offset out of district placements.
"Everything else is essentially level-funded," he stated.

Superintendent of Schools Philip Devaux.

Board Of Selectman Chairman Thomas A. McNulty will be speaking at the
North Shore Forum on Thursday January 23, 1997. Meeting will be held at 7:30 A.M. at
The Peabody Marriott.

Chairman Tom McNulty

Town Finance Director Bart Snow is predicting a $867,121 surplus.
School Superintendent Phil Devaux is requesting 1.4 million more in School Budget.
The budget season begins.

Marbleheaders will soon get a "choice" about which electric company they want to use, according to the Marblehead Reporter. To start with this new "deregulation" will allow rate payers to choose which generation source they want. Transmission and distribution options will wait until later.
Confused? It'll be just like the phone companies.

1-16-97 -- Selectmen extend Rosalie's Cancellation hearing until March 19th after attorney's assure Board all is proceeding as fast as possible. Court has established a n "on or before" date of March 7th to conclude the sale.

1-15-97--Selectman incumbents Diane E. St. Laurent and F. Reed Cutting Jr., took out their re-election papers last week. Selectman imcumbent Bill Purdin indicated his intention to run for re-election and will take out his papers sometime in February. Charles M. Carey a challenger has also taken out his papers for a May 12 election. Chairman Thomas A. McNulty and Selectman
William E. Conly are expected to run for re-election.

1-14-97 -- School's computer maintenance program begins to bear fruit. "Computer Support Liaisons" in each school have been trained to give "First Aid," according to the Salem Evening News. The School's computer technician team is Jeff Beckwith, Director, and Cathy Comeau.

1-13-97 -- Valerie McFadden, a Middle School math and science teacher, wins the Peter Farrelly Teacher Award. It is given to teachers who demonstrate a special ability in creating learning-centered classrooms. McFadden was one of 17 teachers selected in Massachusetts for this award.

1-12-97 -- Today is the day of the AFC Championship between The Patriot's and The Cougars.

1-12-97 -- The so-called Big Tree Fire was held on short notice. This was all that was left when we got there.

1-11-97 -- Marblehead Historical Society gets a new Director. Donald Garnder takes over as the Society heads into its 100th Year Anniversary.

1-10-97 -- Board Of Selectmen extend Rosalie's license hearing for another week pending outcome of bankruptcy court proceedings. Impatience with delays was noted.

1-9-97 -- Many TV viewers want the "Travel Channel" back and with the help of Tom McNulty and Reed Cutting they may just get their wish.

1-8-97 -- Marblehead Boosters unveil plans for a new field house. Ever attend a football game at Hopkins field and need to use a bathroom? Ever notice the conditions inside the "canteen?" Well, a group of Marbleheaders are trying to solve a problem that's been around for years.

1-7-97 -- Town is preparing a new bylaw to regulate the erection of antennas. With the planned
construction of new 150+ foot cellular tower at Tioga Way and the subsequent uproar from the affected neighborhood, Town Planner Rebecca Curran is developing a new bylaw to regulate such new construction. Town Meeting will decide.

1-7-97 -- Lynn Item Lead Editorial: "Marblehead Upset About Street Changes" The editorial stated "It may seem like a simple bureaucratic change to the Marblehead Town Engineer and
Board Of Selectmen, but it's obviously no small deal to hundreds of residents in this normally tranquil seaside. At least 100 people have requested hearings on the address changes that effect them. The editorial called on Town officials to accept the fact that these changes are more important than previously thought and suggested that the Board "revisit the entire matter to determine if there is a less traumatic way to accomplish the E911 changeover.

1-7-97 -- Big Tree Fire Cancelled Due To High Winds New date to be rescheduled. Keep watching, we'll post it.

1-6-97 -- Press Release: -- Marblehead Eco-Farm Newsletter
A number of individuals have expressed an interest in sponsoring a local event to honor Earth Day. We would like to create a town-wide environmental event on Saturday, April 19th, 1997 and help put Marblehead on the map as an environmentally conscious community.

If you would like to be part of the planning, please join us for a brainstorming session on Sunday, January 26th from 1-3 pm. The meeting will be at the UU Church on Mugford Street. Child care (including big-screen movies!) will be provided.

1-6-97 -- Tim Angle concerts, which were held in late December, raised over $9,000 for the family. Incidentally, the concerts, which featured Marblehead High School students and graduates, were outstanding. You really had to be there to believe what talent our students have.

1-5-97 -- Abbot Public Library expands hours: new hours include:
Friday mornings open at 10 A.M.
Children's Hours:
Mondays until 9 P.M.

1-4-97 -- Marblehead woman checking to see if she has her tickets to "Nutcracker" crashes head-on into telephone pole at about 40 mph with two kids in the car. No injuries. Airbags deployed. Seatbelt were fastened. "It was very stupid," she said. Telephone pole broke in half crushing the top of her car.

1-3-97 -- It's been snowing in Marblehead. -- JH

1-2-97 -- The Big Tree Fire is planned for Riverhead Beach, Monday, January 6th. Bring your trees, then stay and enjoy the warmth of a fire that burns for days. It's big. It's bright. It's very warm.

1-1-97 -- Plaque Given To Marblehead By US Navy Proclaiming Marblehead To Be The Birthplace Of The American Navy Resurfaces At Antique Store In Marblehead And Is Promptly Purchased By The Town

1-1-97 -- Marblehead Hockey Wins First Game of the season over Salem Witches.

1-1-97 -- The Coast Guard Auxiliary is sponsoring a nine-week course in basic coastal navigation beginning January 7, 1997 at the Middle School. Call (617) 599-2825 for details

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Hubble views a galaxy moving through space.

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