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Memories should impel a better world, not just recall the past one. -- Bill Purdin

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder. -- Arnold J. Toynbee
We live in a time of transition, an uneasy era which is likely to endure for the rest of this century. During the period we may be tempted to abandon some of the time-honored principles and commitments which have been proven during the difficult times of past generations. We must never yield to this temptation. Our American values are not luxuries, but necessities - not the salt in our bread, but the bread itself.
-- Jimmy Carter, in his farewell address.

The young have aspirations that never come to pass, the old have reminiscences of what never happened. -- Saki

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backward. -- Lewis Carroll
Good historians, I suspect, whether they think about it or not, have the future in their bones. Besides the question: Why? the historian also asks the question: Whither?
-- E.H. Carr

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