This epic science fiction trilogy begins in 2094 and takes the reader into a future of adventure, science and technology, and human events that spans thousands of years and brings humanity, through hope, inspiration, and terrifying trials of purpose [click for full article]
She is a tough minded person. A determined person. And, she is very petite, so, to begin with, we HAD to figure out a system by which she could actually operate the car. If the car seat isn’t hydrolic, forget about it. My classic Volvo 240 DL was o [click for full article]
In our current industrial modality of making money, the art of leadership may have become a forgotten concept, lost in the dust of lucre. When all you need to make money is a greed beyond all others, leadership becomes just aggression. This hard-c [click for full article]
Some would say that that is an oxymoron. Not for us. We’ve had many of them, and we are hoping for more. Time will tell. We have also had some of the other type of client, too. Building a great client relationship takes time and practice and [click for full article]